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What our members have to say about Valley Pres:

"Each of us has our own story that got us where we are today; at VPC we provide a safe environment and a supportive community that allows each of us to find our own path to God.   Come as you are, bring everything, or bring nothing and we will walk together."

                Max Ball, Joye Wegener

“VPC is a place that feeds your soul with the bread of life. VPC does not give you a loaf of bread; rather it supplies the utensils, the ingredients and the oven. You make the kind bread that suit your needs.”

                  Ken McBride

“At Valley we are more committed to the spiritual journey of discernment and inquiry, than we are to getting the right answers. We are a diverse, tolerant and expressive worshiping faith community dedicated to celebration, healing, justice and honoring Christian scripture’s wisdom. We are a church of bright, intelligent, creative and contributing people of all ages and faith backgrounds. We are a loving, supportive family with lots of space for you to choose how you will participate. This is an amazing place to grow spiritually!”

                    — Darlene Batchelder

"Valley Presbyterian Church is a place of spiritual transformation, extending God's grace into the world.

— We are a journey church, supporting the spiritual growth of each individual.  You can come as you are, bring everything or bring nothing, and we will walk the walk together.

— We are a family church, a loving and supportive home with space for you to choose how you will participate.   Being nurtured by each other, we find a place of belonging, which in turn helps us nurture the world as our family too.

— We are a creative church, blessed with a talented community of artists, musicians, writers, and theater folk.  We find expression of God's creativity in us through music and the arts. 

— We are a mission church, living the Word in the World.  We believe in the equality of all people, and work towards making the world a more JUST place in places where injustice exists."

                — Alice Chiang

"I believe Valley is not only a place for worship, it's also a community where everyone meets, tries to make it a place not only for ourselves but for posterity, and the leadership is judged by what members contribute -- putting God ahead."

                   — Gideon Ticha


"VPC is a down-to-earth, welcoming faith community, of people who take their spiritual journey seriously, listen for God in daily life, walk the talk in the world, love music and the arts."

                    — Cathy Bowers

"At VPC, our community's journey is most important.  Anchored in equality, faith, justice and discernment, our questions and doubts are welcome as we celebrate and support each other on our pilgrimage through life.”

                    — Ginney Uhl


"We are a church of loving hearts, open minds, and giving spirits searching for faith, justice and discernment.  Come walk with us!"

                 — Jeff Brown


“VPC is a place that will put on “Fiddler on the Roof” (in its entirety and giving the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity) one year and “Laramie Project” the next (and hit head on the moral questions around same-sex relationships).

VPC is a place where you are as likely to see a top notch hand-bell choir, a rock band, Handel’s Messiah, or one of the ministers doing interpretive dance down the aisle (depending on which week you attend).

VPC has two crosses – one in the back of the church and one in the front.  If you have trouble seeing the one in the front come back at night and look again.”

                 — Jimi Crawford

"VPC is a place where people come to love.”

                 — Jonathan Evans

"VPC is a place that is creative, caring, enriching, and open. It is an enjoyable, nourishing space that provides you with an opportunity to explore that part of you that is spiritual."

                 — Trish Heald





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