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Easter Morning

Sunrise service at Woodside Priory

meet 6 am at VPC parking lot to share a ride

or 6:15 at the Priory


7:30 Easter Breakfast in Lane Family Hall

9am Easter Worship in the Sanctuary

11am Easter Worship in the Sanctuary


We invite you to journey with the Valley Church community during the poignant time of Holy Week...

What do you long for as you consider a place to worship this week?


Are you ready to celebrate after a dark time?


Do you want to express your gratitude for blessings that are in your life?


Are you reeling from a recent deep loss? 

     The loss of a loved one?

          The break of an important relationship?

               The loss of a hope or a dream you’ve nurtured?

Is there something that needs to be forgiven,

     or is there an empty place that longs to be filled?

Do you wish to reconnect with this ancient story through beautiful music, a good sermon, and the companionship of an open and warm community of faith?

From the celebration of Palm Sunday

     to the arrest and death of Jesus on a cross on Good Friday... 


          From the intimate gathering of Jesus and his friends at the Last Supper

               to the empty cross of Easter morning... 


This week the VPC community will walk through the old good news story and see where it finds us and frees us as we make the journey together.

Whoever you are,

     Whatever your past,

          Wherever your faith journey has taken you,

               There is a place for you here at Valley Presbyterian Church..

Whether you are looking for a faith home or for companions for the journey, Valley Presbyterian Church may be the faith community for you.


We invite you to ...

Worship Spiritual Formation Music
Mission Fellowship Arts


Check out our Upcoming Events


8:15 - 9:15 a.m.

Contemplative Communion Service

9:15 am Adult Education in Fireside Room
10:30 am

Quiet Time in the Sanctuary


Coffee Fellowship on the Patio

10:45 am Worship
~noon Coffee Fellowship on the Patio


Contemporary Worship 9:30 a.m. 2nd Sunday of each month in the Sanctuary


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