“The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. ”

- Presbyterian Book of Order


The Board of Deacons is commissioned by Session to provide support and care for the congregation. Deacons are recruited and matched to their strengths and interests. Their shared call is to nurture the health of the congregation through care and compassion.

Three core areas of Deacon ministry are:

1.  Companionship  -  Working with the pastoral staff, the Deacons provide as needed care for the sick, grieving, challenged and/or disheartened within our faith community. This includes visits, calls or cards placed to the hospital and/or home, outreach to young church families, and/or the elderly. The Deacons strive to be in solidarity with brothers and sisters as they face varying transitions in their respective lives.

2. Hospitality  -  Working with Congregational Chefs and Chauffeurs as resources, the Deacons help provide care and hospitality for those in need. This might include providing meals, transportation, delivering groceries, “hands on help” and many other things.

3.  Sacramental Preparation and Participation Communion is centered on gathering and sharing in the companionship and hospitality of Christ. Deacons facilitate this part of the body-life of the church.

 Valley Presbyterian Church

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