Earth Care

“Let us be protectors of creation…”
— Pope Francis

The Urgency of Caring for Creation


Life on our sacred Earth is in peril. Humans have very little time, some say 10 years, to avert the worst of a tragic and foreseeable catastrophe. We are at a hinge point in history, facing an overwhelming predicament. Suffering has begun; our way of life, as we know it, is already over.

The Earth Care team stands in the tradition of our prophets, speaking the truth that we are destroying God’s creation AND that there is another way. Nature reveals God’s love and plan for right living within intricately balanced ecosystems. We are challenged to recognize that it is still the entrenched forces of power and human greed that impede the existence of this beloved community.

We are called to make love visible, living now as protectors of God’s plan. This is only possible if we wake up to this daunting crisis, change our ways, and work together lovingly to restore our Earth.

In sorrow Jesus showed us how: He wept. He prayed. He healed.

Here is where we begin.
This is how we enter in.

Use the 4 questions below to help wrestle with this crisis. Within these questions, we have curated information to raise awareness and suggest possible actions.

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