The VPC Endowment Fund was created in 1997 through the generosity of Bill and Jean Lane along with contributions made by every church member.  From 2016-2018 the Goodman-Morris Legacy Endowment Campaign raised $1 million to contribute to the endowment fund in honor of Mark and Cheryl Goodman-Morris celebrating nearly 30 years of loving service to Valley Presbyterian Church and the legacy they leave behind. From an original $500,000 the endowment has grown over the years to over $2 million dollars.  


Our endowment earns income which is re-invested to help fund the annual operating budget and support church programs. Moreover, church endowments declare to the present and future generations the importance of our faith and trust in God, and provide lasting witness well after each of us are gone, and much needed financial resources for those who come after us.  


It is a permanent fund established to support our future growth and charitable activities. The principal of the fund remains in perpetuity, and income is reinvested to allow the endowment to grow. 4.75 % of the value of the fund, averaged over three years, is distributed each year to the VPC operating budget to support Mission, Spiritual Exploration, Children’s Education, Community Building, and Arts and Music programs.  

To speak with someone about making a planned gift, please contact: Dave Forter, Endowment Chair


Other Gifting Options

In giving to VPC you have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you have expressed your faith, created a legacy, and played a significant role in enabling VPC to extend God’s grace into the world.  


Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are often made from accumulated assets, which may include cash, securities, life insurance, retirement fund assets, annuities, etc. Your gifting options are numerous, so we recommend that you discuss these options with your attorney and/or personal financial advisor to develop a gift plan that is best suited for your personal financial situation.

Direct Gifts

Direct gifts can consist of cash or assets such as securities, life insurance, or property.  Highly appreciated securities or real estate are especially suitable from a tax reduction standpoint.



People who are unable to make a major donation during their lifetime may be able to make one through a bequest naming VPC to receive a gift through your will or trust. Bequests allow individuals to support VPC while at the same time preserving assets needed to cover lifetime living expenses.


Your attorney can assist in drafting language for your will that ensures your bequest will be used for the purpose you intend.

Tax-Deferred Assets (IRA/401K)


Tax deferred assets, such as IRAs and 401k Plans, make ideal charitable gifts. If you are over 70 1/2 years old and subject to the required minimum distribution of your IRA or 401K, consider gifting to VPC directly from your IRA/401K account to satisfy your annual RMD. Depending on your personal situation, this may reduce your tax liability.


Naming VPC as a beneficiary of your IRA or 401k Plan is a very simple way of making a planned gift. You can combine charitable giving of heavily taxed retirement plan assets in creative ways that will minimize taxes, benefit your heirs, and leave a lasting legacy to VPC.


Estate planning attorneys often recommend that clients leaving bequests use IRA assets before other assets to minimize taxes.

Stock contributions for pledge payments and other donations are a valuable resouce. Depending on your personal tax situation, appreciated stock contributions can create greater tax savings than cash contributions. To minimize sales expense, we recommend that stock gifts be made through Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Chuck Corley, a VPC member, who has agreed to waive all sales expenses in selling stock for VPC.


To make the transfer:

1.   Ask your investment firm to wire the securities to:

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Attn: Chuck Corley

DTC #: 0015

ACCT #: 187-029542-251

FBO: Valley Presbyterian Church

2.   To expedite delivery and ensure that we can                                acknowledge your gift on a timely basis, please                         click here to notify  us when you  request the transfer.

   Stock Transfer Contact Information
                           VPC Treasurer

Melissa Jorgensen


Finance Director

Susan Strehlow

Charles R. Corley, CPWA®

Executive Director - Wealth Management

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

2882 Sand Hill Road, Suite 200

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 650-234-5164

Fax: 650-206-5320

If you have questions or need the Tax ID of either VPC or Morgan Stanley for your stock transfer form, please contact the church office at  650 851.8282.

Stock Transfer

 Valley Presbyterian Church

945 Portola Road, Portola Valley CA 94028

650 851.8282


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