We give our time, talent, and treasure, both within our congregation and to the larger world around us.

Getting Involved

Our gifts support the operations of our church - from spiritual education and hospitality to music and the creative arts, to mission outreach - things that help us feel closer to God and motivated to do God’s work to create a more loving and equitable world around us. Our gifts of time, talent and treasure, support ministry and campus maintenance, including necessary upgrades, and approved enhancements to the church and its surroundings – creating places of respite, reflection, and peace, in the memorial grove and labyrinth, (in the redwood grove directly behind the glass windows of the church,) cultivating opportunities for spiritual formation, maintaining our collaborative spaces and supporting staff.  


Time and talent are so closely intertwined for us as children of God. We give of our time in the simplest and most direct way when we come to worship together on Sunday. We bring the gift of ourselves and our presence, whether it’s in the choir, ushering, greeting, preaching or participating from our seats in our collective praise of God.


There are many times where specific talents give so much to  the church – whether it’s decorating our worship space, feeding our membership, , presenting high-quality theatre productions in Lane Family Hall, facilitating workshops, sharing music and dance giving back to those in need, or using our expertise to benefit the church by serving on church leadership committees.


We all give our talents to make Valley Presbyterian a special place to reflect, refresh and energize.

“Abundant Joy, Overflowing Generosity”

-2 Corinthians 8:1-7


Paul lays it on the line. He urges believers in Corinth to give generously and joyfully. Paul holds up the example of abundant giving by a group of people (Macedonians) who are living on the edge, who don’t have the material wealth that’s usually associated with abundant giving. But they give anyway, gladly, decidedly, and with generosity.



Stewardship is the active, intentional, and faithful use of the extravagant gifts God gives us. Being good stewards includes honoring God, caring for creation, and respecting each other.


Stewardship in relationship to the church means using our time, talent, and treasure to take care of the church by giving generously of our time, talent and resources.  Ways you can support VPC via stewardship include:

  • Volunteering to support the church community. This can include teaching future generations, singing in the choir, ushering, providing service to other members, or offering hospitality at church functions.

  • Volunteering outside the church to extend our ministry. Including working with our many mission partnerships.

  • Supporting the church financially with monetary gifts that help our community grow and thrive.


Valley Presbyterian Church receives no funds outside its own life and program. Stewardship dollars are how we maintain the sanctuary.  It’s how we pay the staff. It’s how we support our community through a host of events that address different interest areas. It’s how we support our mission partners. In fact, around 10% of our revenues are spent on mission partnerships outside our local church each year. Members are asked to prayerfully consider what God is doing in their lives, and let their financial support of Valley Presbyterian Church reflect God's generosity in their lives.


The Stewardship Season typically kicks off in October/November of each year with Stewardship Sunday. At that time, we set a giving goal for the fiscal year (as with most non-profits Valley’s fiscal year is from July 1st through the following June 30th).  Pledges are rendered in the fall with all funds collected typically by June 30th. You can pledge and give in the following ways:

If you would prefer to use the traditional pledge card – you can pick one up from the church office. For more information, please contact the Church Office

 Valley Presbyterian Church

945 Portola Road, Portola Valley CA 94028

650 851.8282 

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