Children's Ministries


Welcome to our Children's Ministries page! Here at Valley, we strive to support our children through the entire community. We are thankful for the time we get to share with your children when they come to church.


Sunday School takes place during the 10:45am worship.

Would you like more information? Please contact our Director of Children's Education, Cathy Paniagua.


Children of Light & Kindness

This week our scripture encourages us all to "Live as Children of Light." We are touched and inspired by the simple and creative acts of kindness we see around us each day in these difficult times. For us, the practice of Kindness is akin to shining God's light. Kindness mysteriously allows us to feel connected to everything and everyone.

As families are spending more time together and the rest of the world is physically disconnecting, Cathy Paniagua and Kerry Tremblay have decided to focus our children and youth at VPC on the practice of kindness. Who needs our kindness this week and what can we say or do to be kind? Let's be kind. And then be kinder than that. And don't leave ourselves out.

Click here for a special video from Kerry to the children, inviting them to read 

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

 Please be sure to share this with your kids!

Below are several related items your kids may enjoy!


"Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" read by author Carol McCloud

A Bucket Filler's Music

A Bucket Filler's Fun  

A Bucket Filler's Breathing

A Bucket Filler's Coloring Activity 

Click here for "Kindness" coloring pages from "VToons" (cartoons for virtues)

Especially as we "shelter in place", we still want to see and hear all our kids! Please have them drop any photos, videos or written material about how they're doing here. This is a collection site designed specifically for our VPC children and youth. 

  • This week we invite our kids to wonder about someone who needs your kindness this week. And we ask them to consider: What can you say or do to be kind?

  • Write us a message or send us photos on the collection site to show us some light bulb moments of kindness in your family and neighborhood. 

  • Be sure your kids confirm with you that their material is appropriate to be shared with the public. We'll look to include their contribution in our worship and communications for the coming weeks so that everyone can stay connected through our VPC community (which might also reach our neighbors via our website and social media).


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Youth Ministry


For information for grades 6th -12th join us on our Youth Ministry page. 


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