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Ages Birth-2

Parents can expect a warm and nurturing environment where their nursery-aged children, typically infants to toddlers, are cared for with love and attention. Our dedicated volunteers are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and engaging space for your little ones while you participate in the main service.

In the nursery, children can expect age-appropriate activities, gentle playtime and simple songs that introduce them to the love of Jesus in a way that’s understandable and comforting to their young hearts.

Parents can drop off their nursery-aged children before the service begins and rest assured that they will be well-cared-for throughout the service. We understand the importance of providing a space where parents can worship and engage in the service knowing their children are in loving hands.


Ages 3-5

Parents can expect a fun and interactive environment where their preschoolers, typically ages three to five, can explore, learn, and grow in their understanding of God’s love. Our Preschool Ministry is designed to provide a nurturing space where children can begin to build a foundation of faith through age-appropriate teachings and activities.

During Sunday services, preschoolers can expect engaging Bible stories, creative crafts, lively songs, and interactive games that help bring the message of God’s love to life in ways that are meaningful and enjoyable for their young minds.

Our dedicated volunteers are passionate about working with preschoolers and creating a welcoming atmosphere where children feel valued, encouraged, and safe. They are committed to helping your child feel loved and supported as they take their first steps on their faith journey.

Preschool aged children attend the first 15 minutes of the Service, until the invitation to join the NextGen team at the back of the Sanctuary. Their teacher will walk them to their classroom.


Ages 5-12

Our weekly Sunday children’s experience, Kids Connect, offers a vibrant blend of faith-based activities and interactive learning opportunities designed to nurture young hearts, minds and souls. We value creating a space that fosters connection, stillness, prayer, wondering, noticing and validating one another.

Through awe-inspiring walks in the redwood grove, children are encouraged to explore the wonders of nature and deepen their connection to the world around them. Kids Connect also provides invaluable opportunities for young ones to actively engage in acts of service, through ownership of hospitality on every 5th Sunday, and participating in Earth Care and Justice & Outreach initiatives.

Together, these faith-based experiences empower children to develop a profound understanding of their spirituality, while fostering lifelong bonds with their peers and our wider intergenerational community.

Elementary aged children attend the first 15 minutes of the Service, until the invitation to join the NextGen team at the back of the Sanctuary. Their teacher will walk them to our TreeTop Classroom.

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Kids Connect Team

Kerry Tremblay
Kerry Tremblay
NextGen Lead