Serve Globally

Beyond the borders.

African Road


African Road builds long term relationships with local changemakers, for the life, health and growth of communities in East Africa. As friends and partners, they come alongside change makers through collaborative project development and strategic funding. Pastor Jenny serves on the board and helped to establish a transformative partnership between African Road and First Presbyterian Church in Bend in 2015, and our VPC Mission Team has adopted African Road as a Mission partner.

Tekax, Mexico


In 1990, Valley Presbyterian began a sister church relationship with Iglesia Monte de Sión, a small Mayan congregation in Tekax, Yucatán. Over our nearly 35-year partnership, projects included construction/expansion of their church campus and a satellite church in a neighboring community; social and medical home visitations; a joint women’s retreat; and installation of a water purification plant, which supplies both members and neighbors in need with clean drinking water (see link below). We continue to enjoy a mutually enriching friendship, regarding each other as “familia.” Every few years, we organize visits, delighting in new connections made between the younger generations.



Yspaniola is based in the Dominican Republic and was co-founded in 2009 by Cynthia So-Armah who grew up in our VPC community. Yspaniola’s mission is to provide quality education to students from an impoverished community of Dominicans and Haitians called Batey Libertad. Contact Eiri Inenaga to join a trip to visit the Dominican Republic.

Matthew 25 Congregation


Matthew 25:31–46 calls all of us to actively engage in the world around us, so our faith comes alive and we wake up to new possibilities. Convicted by this passage, both the 222nd and 223rd General Assemblies (2016 and 2018) exhorted the PC(USA) to act boldly and compassionately to serve people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor. For more information contact Naomi Hunter.