Session & Areas of Intentional Ministries

Responsible for the entire mission and program of the church, the Session serves as its ruling board. Valley Church's Session consists of 15 Elders elected by the congregation for three-year terms, plus the pastor, who moderates the meeting but does not vote. Youth Elders also may be elected to the Session.

Session meets regularly at 7:00pm in the Fireside Room on the third Tuesday of most months. You are welcome to attend.

* Session terms end on June 30 of the listed year.

Class of 2020*

Dave Forter

Sharon Lockareff

Renee Loth-Cali

Alexandra Ornes

Yuen So

Anita Wotiz

Class of 2021*

Bob Barrett

Greg King

Debbie Romani, Clerk of Session

Chris Thomsen

Liz Webb

Class of 2022*

Ginger Holt

Jill Howard

Naomi Hunter

Chris Preimesberger

Committee Lists (2018 names reflected, unless noted as updated for *2019)

Buildings & Grounds


Deacons (*2019)

Chair: Eddie Bowman, 2018

Session 2: Kevin Gibbs, 2018

Ron Richert

Yvonne Tryce

David Allen

Session 2: Yuen So

Ginger Holt

Chris Preimesberger

Diane Rezendes

Joe Khirallah

Rita Williams

Moderator: Barbara Caswell, 2020

2020: Barbara Caswell

2020: Betsy Colby

2020: Bobbi Batchelder

2020: Lyle Weaver

2020: Ted Meeker

2021: Darrell Batchelder

2021: Darlene Batchelder

2021: Ann Langley

2021: Robert Tryce

2022: Angie Mitchell

2022: Julie Williams


Chair: Dave Forter, 2019

Session 2: Mark Mitchell, 2017

Doug Chance, 2019

Andrew Walling, at-large-member, 2019

Faith Formation

Chair: Yuen So

Session 2: Maria Ornes

Paul Schutz

Kerry Tremblay

Cathy Paniagua

Finance (*2019)

Chair: Sharon Lockareff

Treasurer: Sharon Lockareff

Jerry Lehmer

Mark Lockareff

Mark Mitchell

Rosemary Richard

Debbie Romani

Susan Strelow (Staff)


Justice & Outreach



Chair: Maria Ornes

Session 2: Suzan Carmichael

Susan So

Becky Preimesberger

Toby Montgomery

Chris Preimesberger

Chair: Anita Wotiz

Robin Polastri

Gian Polastri

Rita Williams

Lindsay Bowen

Naomi Hunter

Eiri Inengaga

Cindy Liu

Alice Chiang

Cathy Paniagua

Susan So

Richard Mindigo

Raf Ornes

Mary Jo Alderson

Brian Kissel

Ted Meeker

Emily Walling

Bob Barrett

Rian Jorgensen

Ann Langley

Carol Thomsen

Dan Webb

Anita Wotiz

Pastor Relations

Chair: Renee Loth Cali

Session 2: Lee Ann Shell

Joe Khirallah

Mark Reinstra

Darlene Batchelder

Ginger Holt


Chair: Lee Ann Shell

Session 2: Darlene Batchelder

Rian Jorgensen

Christine Martens

Yvonne Tryce

Judy Opsahl

Jen Hanley

Stewardship (*2019)

Chair: Emily Walling

Pastor: Jenny Warner

Noelle Gibbs

Sharon Lockareff

Chris Preimesberger

Karen Thistlethwaite


Faith & Public Square


Chair: Suzan Carmichael, 2018

Session 2: Renee Loth Cali, 2019

Noelle Gibbs

Elizabeth Smith

Annegret Boge

Rafael Ornes

Chair: Kirsten Kingdon

Session 2: Michael Thompson

Anita Wotiz, 2018

Chair: Kevin Gibbs

Session 2: Dave Forter

Cathy Paniagua

Becky Preimesberger

PVTC Connection

Liaison: Darlene Batchelder

 Valley Presbyterian Church

945 Portola Road, Portola Valley CA 94028


Join us Sundays at 10:45am 

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