Staff & Leadership

Equipping and Guiding the Journey

Our Pastor

Rev. Jenny Warner
Lead Pastor

Our Staff

Naomi Kinsman
Community Curator
Deirdre Clark
Events & Wedding Coordinator
Chyrise King
Chyrise King
Director of Operations, Finance and Facilities
Kerry Tremblay
NextGen Lead
Rigo Paz
Theresa Vasquez
Lori Lamm
Admin Assistant


Class of 2024

Lowell Sears
Lee Ann Shell
Emily Walling

Class of 2025

Chris Buja
Ginger Holt
Naomi Hunter
Rian Jorgensen

Class of 2026

Gibson Anderson
Joni Cropper
Cindy Liu
Gian Polastri


Class of 2024

Barb Hansen
Rick Hunter*
Robin Polastri

Class of 2025

Max Ball*
Alice Chiang
Don Gustafson
HyeMyoung Kim
Margie Lee
Joye Wegener

Class of 2026

Melissa Anderson*
Brenda Avery
Christine Martens
Beth Smith

*executive team